Oxygen Lance Pipe

What is Oxygen Lancing?

Oxygen Lance is a hollow electric welded tube used in various sizes from 1/8″ to 2″ inside diameter.

The product must be oil and grease-free to prevent explosions that may occur because of mixing oxygen and oil. Common terminology used when ordering is: “cleaned for oxygen use.”

Oxygen Lance Pipe comes in a variety of end finishes. End caps are provided to prevent contamination.

Oxygen Lancing is a reliable method for tapping heats or for other production operations.

Oxygen Lance Pipe Uses

A: Oxygen Lance Pipe is used to “DeCarb” (remove the carbon) from molten metal. During the steelmaking process, a desired carbon content is attained by injecting oxygen into the molten metal. This process is used in blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces and also induction and electric furnaces.

B: Lances are used for opening furnace tap holes, cleaning ladle well blocks, unclogging tundish nozzles, cutting ferrous materials, providing the steel or iron is hot enough to sustain burning, ie cutting skulls, spill clean-up, etc.


End Finish

Plain End – PE

Threaded One End – TOE

Threaded Both Ends – TBE

Threaded and Coupled – TC

Quick Coupled – QC (As shown in picture above)

Most common sizes

  • .250″ O.D. – commonly referred to as tundish lance
  • .406″ O.D. – commonly referred to as 1/8″
  • .540″ O.D. – commonly referred to as 1/4″.
  • .675″ O.D. – commonly referred to as 3/8″.
  • .840″ O.D. – commonly referred to as 1/2″.
  • .922″ O.D. – commonly referred to as .922″
  • 1.050″ O.D. – commonly referred to as 3/4″.


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