Insulating Powders

pallet_therm MincoTherm is a proven-high temperature insulating powder of controlled variable mesh size for ladles and tundishes.

Health and Safety

MincoTherm is available in specific larger mesh sizes. Its higher melting point and larger mesh size prevent smoking and excessive dusting thereby reducing human contact. Use loss is less than 10% by weight per heat through spillage, slag, and dusting.

Insulating Qualities: MincoTherm’s lower density, larger mesh size and higher melting point, create better insulating qualities per pound of per cubic foot used. Two or three pounds per square foot of metal surface area provides superior insulating to most other insulating powders.

Consumption is normally less than other powders with improved results. Average ladle or tundish application is two to three pounds per square foot of metal surface. Lesser amounts are required to be added to the tundish as heats are sequenced. Approximately 4 oz. per square foot are added to tundish applications on sequence heats beginning with the 4th ladle cast.

Slag and Crust Formation and Build-up: MincoTherm’s high melting point and inert nature prevents its melting at normal casting temperatures. Therefore, reducing slag formation and crust buildup and slag attack on ladles, tundishes, shrouds, covers, porous plugs and equipment. Sampling and temperature measurement are not interfered with. Expensive clean-up of ladle, tundish, covers and equipment is virtually eliminated.

Cover and Flow: MincoTherm flows and spreads like oil on water. Cover is nearly immediate, even and consistent over the metal surface. No spreading is necessary.

MincoTherm in Ladle and Tundish Applications

therm_ladle therm_covering_ladle
therm_covering_tundish2 ladle_sample

Chemical Reaction:
MincoTherm’s high melting point, (1650 degrees C/3000 degrees F) prevents chemical equilibrium between the powder and steel. No reversion of elements from steel to powder or powder to steel is possible or experienced.

Chemical Analysis:
75-85% SiO2 The small amount of crystalline silica contained is linked amorphously to inert materials
Tests Show 1-20% carbon per specifications
Less than 2% sodium and potassium

Bulk Density:
0.2 KG/liter to 0.2 KG/liter 26 lbs. per cubic foot
Moisture: Less than 1%
Mesh Size: Varies per specification


Bulk pack: (bagged-not boxed or palletized) 44,000 lbs = 2,000 10 Kilo (22 lb) plastic bags

Palletized: 44,000 lbs. = 45 Kilo (22 lb) bags per box palletized and shrink wrapped normally 44 pallets per truckload

Packaged in 5 Kilo (11 lb) Bags 44,000 lbs. = 4,000 bags bulk pack 44,000 lbs. = 90 5 Kilo (11 lb) bags per box palletized and shrink wrapped 38-44 pallets per truckload

Special Customer Packaging Available to your specifications: Boxes, Barrels, Hopper Bags, Paper Bags


Industry has become increasingly concerned regarding worker safety, the environment and each metal production facility’s carbon footprint. Strker Steel Tube has developed a unique blend of amorphous silica compounds to insulate as effectively as rice hull ash while eliminating the environmental problems of conventional ash.

Green Earth spreads easily on the surface of the ladle or tundish, is low in carbon content, eliminates the smoke and dust problems associated with rice hull ash, has high R & K insulating values, reduces carbon foot print and dramatically improves the safety and environment for the steel workers. Please contact your local representative or our Longview office for additional information.

Health and Safety

Green Earth is blended to eliminate smoke and excessive dusting thereby significantly reducing human contact. Usage loss is less than 7% by weight per heat through spillage, slag formation, dusting and smoke.

Insulating Qualities: Thermal conductivity testing utilizing ASTM C-177 Guarded Hot Plate Method has been conducted. The results: K Factor 0.29 (resistance to loosing heat) R value 3.36 (the reciprocal) Two – three pounds per square ft. of metal surface provides excellent insulating qualities to maintain metal temperatures. Consumption is similar to less than conventional rice hull ash.

Slag Formation and Build-up. Green Earth is inert, has a high melting point and does not become liquid at casting temperatures. Slag formation is reduced and Green Earth does not attack typical refractories. Tundish and lade clean up time is reduced.

Cover and Flow: Green Earth has been blended to spread easily and quickly. No spreading is necessary.

Chemical Analysis: See MSDS

Bulk Density: 29 lbs/cubic ft.

Packaging: 40,000 – 44,000 lbs./truck load
1100 lbs./pallet
22 lbs/bag

Specialized Packaging available for full truck load shipments.

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