Ceramic Coated Pipe

Stryker Steel Tube Ceramic Coated Pipe (CCP), is used for oxygen injection into steel mill electric arc furnaces, AOD’S and ladles. Stryker Steel Tube CCP applications include powder injections, tap hole cleaning and opening nozzles in ladles, tundishes and EBT’s.

Stryker Steel Tube CCP was developed to increase lance life beyond conventional calorized or black pipe. Due to Styker Steel Tube’s innovative methods of refractory deposition for interior and exterior coatings, this CCP provides unequaled lance life at lower cost.

A special ceramic coating has been developed for copper smelter applications. Stryker Steel Tube CCP is used to inject gas into the Submerged Electric Furnaces. This CCP provides a much longer life in the high temperature furnace environment than previously used stainless steel pipe. Using CCP to inject gas in the Submerged Electric Furnace reduces costs and down time for smelter production.


Various Uses of Stryker Steel Tube CCP

Applications in addition to cutting scrap, raising bath temperatures and decarburizing include the following:

  • opening nozzles in tundishes and ladles
  • injecting carbon and other powders into the electric furnace and ladle
  • opening the iron notch of a blast furnace
  • removing slag adhering to the tapping notch of converters and various kinds of ladles
  • injecting argon into ladles
  • raising temperature when steel is treated with KR, DH, and RH methods
  • injecting argon and oxygen into the AOD
  • injecting flux for degassing in aluminum melting furnaces

Stryker Steel Tube CCP -Made to order

Connection Specifications:
When placing order, please specify which of the following connection methods is required.

Standard Sizes of Stryker Steel Tube CCP

Pipe Nom. Diameter Length Pieces Per Bundle Pipe Wall Thickness
Schedule 40 Schedule 30 “Ultra Tubing”
1/2″ (12.7 mm) 9′ 184 0.109″
3/4″ (19.05 mm) 9′ 127 0.113″ 0.095″ 0.090″
1″ (25.4 mm) 9′ 91 0.133″ 0.104″ 0.095″
1-1/4″ (31.75 mm) 9′ 61 0.140″ 0.110″ 0.104″
1-1/2″ (38.1 mm) 9′ 52 0.145″ 0.114″ 0.109″
1/2″ (12.7 mm) 18′ 184 0.109″
3/4″ (19.05 mm) 18′ 127 0.113″ 0.095″ 0.090″
1″ (25.4 mm) 18′ 91 0.133″ 0.104″ 0.095″
1-1/4″ (31.75 mm) 18′ 61 0.140″ 0.110″ 0.104″
1-1/2″ (38.1 mm) 18′ 52 0.145″ 0.114″ 0.109″

Stryker Steel Tube CCP

Manufacturing Process Flow Chart


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